Welcome to Union Church of San Juan

We are an English language, multicultural, interdenominational Christian fellowship.

What to Expect?
Worship style - Traditional
Music - We sing traditional hymns accompanied by a majestic pipe organ.  We have a wonderful chancel choir. We incorporate some modern praise songs and expressions of worship, on occasion.
Message - We offer an inspiring, challenging and down to earth message of hope and action.
Dress code - We have everything from suits to bermudas.  Come as you are!
Need a ride?  Call us at (787)726-0280 For information about our shuttle

The mission of the Union Church of San Juan is to unite all those who, believing in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, wish to witness to what He is doing in and for the world and to serve Him in ministry to the spiritual, intellectual, and social needs of the community and island, with worship services in English: to be an agent of reconciliation where differences in language, culture, and custom might otherwise divide, to be a force for good in the larger world community, joining with and supporting the efforts of sister churches in Puerto Rico and abroad.  

We are blessed to have a wonderful Senior Pastor, Rev. Marc Miller (ELCA) and a great ministry team consisting of:
Music Director - Dr. Andrés Mójica       Assistant Music Director - Ángel Carrión
Outreach Minister - Rev. Neyda Albrarrán (The Wesleyan Church)      
As well as a wonderful support staff!

We have a great Church Council that oversees the ministry and governance of the church.