Puerto Rico is now recovering from Hurricanes Irma and María.  The Union Church of San Juan has played an active roll in the initial relief effort with the help of many volunteers, donors and organizations.  We have covered most of the critical parts of the island with food, supplies and spiritual support. As we head into a new phase of recovery, we cherish your prayers and participation.  We will be needing cleaning and building teams, as well as all of the materials needed to complete their tasks.  He hope to do practical repairs, such as: installing doors, roofs, windows, cleaning and painting.

All of Puerto Rico is recovering from one of the greatest disasters in U.S. history and needs volunteers that are willing to endure the conditions this may represent.  Water and electricity are unreliable.  Volunteers must be selfsupporting and be able to provide for their own lodging and meals.  Our Outreach Minister will be of assistance in securing some local contacts, but  is unable to offer more, at this point.

As per work opportunities, they will vary.  
Anything from organizing donations (supplies, clothing, etc.), feeding needy communities, helping out with a kids'/adult/health/preparedness workshops, clerical work, debris removal, cleaning, construction, to ministry, are all possibilities.

We are still dealing with an emergency and even our tourism opportunities have been affected (although, there is plenty to enjoy).
Puerto Rico is mainly Spanish speaking but understands English and many will accomodate to help you out.

Please, be aware that now, more than ever, we need to be flexible and open to whatever we are able to do.  We highly recommend each volunteer reflect on whether this is the right time to come and visit/serve on the island.  Health, emotional and spiritual condition should be taken into consideration.
If you are interested in taking part in what God is doing through The Union Church of San Juan, please click on the Volunteer Application Form and Guidelines link and pray about filling out our volunteer application.  We will be glad to receive and prayerfully consider each application and get back to you, as soon as we can!  Be blessed and thank you, for considering service with The Union Church of San Juan.

Please send completed form to our Outreach Minister, Rev. Neyda Albarrán at:

Download a file:


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